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Tuesday 23 April
By erika
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Hi there and welcome to my Blog.  I have had it for over a month now and have written and re-written the first entry really not knowing how to start this off.  

I guess the best way is to introduce myself, and why I truly love photography.  

If we have not met, I'm Erika, I'm located in Brooklyn, NY, originally from Astoria, Queens ~  one of the few surviving "native" New Yorkers ;)  I have an amazingly talented husband and son whom I love with all of my heart and who both love that I love photography.  

I am a visual person, I walk around invisioning how things would look as photographs, always studying the details.  All of my friends know this about me and have turned many of them into visionaries of their own, looking at the world differently {i love that!!}  The world is my canvas, and I love that I am finally painting it more consistently, it truly fills me.

My vision for this blog is to show you a little bit of how I see the world.  It will be different from my web site, which is all business, this will show you the human side of me.  Take the journey with me, I promise you will not regret it :)

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